Un Ballo in Maschera

The production has come to a close, and the reviews are in! Allegra received good press from the two reviewers who attended her cast’s performances.

From Parterre Box:
”Oscar, the adolescent page (the only time Verdi ever resorted to this Parisian cliché—but it’s a Parisian libretto), who sings all the filigree that Amelia evades, was performed by Allegra Durante, with the just the right degree of spunky this-isn’t-serious twinkle, but a fine soaring line for those few moments (mostly chez Ulrica) when the boy realizes that life can be serious indeed.”

From Voce di Meche:
”As the page Oscar, soprano Allegra Durante played an important role throughout and we noticed her fine acting right from the first scene. Her voice was just right for the part and her teasing"Saper vorreste" was in the spirit of French opéra comique, providing just the right setup for the tragedy to follow. […] It is difficult to find voices hefty enough to sail through the orchestra and also beautiful; we are glad that [the director] was able to find them.”

Allegra Durante